About Complete Student Loans
We always put Utah students’ best interests first. We’re here to help students pay for their education and navigate college costs—all while offering the best repayment and refinancing options for private student loans.
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A nonprofit serving you.
As a local nonprofit, Complete Student Loans was created to serve Utah students, and we’ve been helping them make smarter choices and finance their educations for over 40 years.
Our Mission
To be Utah students’ partner as they seek to fund their education with straightforward lending practices that always put their best interests first.
Our Vision

To be Utah’s most valued and trustworthy student loan provider.

Why choose us?
If you’re borrowing for college, you shouldn’t have to worry about choosing the correct loan for your program. We make it easy by offering a complete student loan that covers your education expenses; whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, finishing your degree or going back to college to further your education. We’ll even help you refinance your student loans once you finish up. You can rest assured that our student loan is the right loan for you.
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Complete Student Loans has low, fixed interest rate loans and a simple application that you can finish in under 10 minutes.

We have over 40 years of experience helping students prepare for and pay for college.

Complete Student Loans is based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Because we are a nonprofit organization, we use any profits we make to benefit you.